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May contain: advertisement and poster

Welcome to the Districting page for the Shafter Recreation and Park District!


The Board of Directors has voted to change the way by which they are elected from at-large to by-district (or division).  In an at-large election system, all voters that live within the territory of the SRPD can vote for all members of the board, and board members may reside anywhere within the district.  In a by-district election system, the territory of the SRPD is delineated into separate electoral districts or divisions, each with one Board member who resides in the division and is chosen by the voters as residing in that division. 


Districting is the process of transitioning to a by-district (divisions) election system and under California law, there are many requirements that must be followed.


We invite you to participate in this process by viewing the documents on this page, giving feedback and input, and attending one or more of the 5 meetings that comprise the project.  We will upload additional documents, presentations, maps, data and information from each meeting here, so please check back frequently.  


We look forward to hearing from you!