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Renting Aquatic Center

Rental Periods & Fees:

The RENTER shall have use of the facility on __________________, 20 _____

for a fee of $50.00/$60.00**  per hour (2 hours minimum, 6 hours maximum)

 In addition to a deposit fee of  $200.00 is required.

Checks must be made payable to Shafter Recreation & Park District (SRPD)

All patrons are required to vacate the facility at end of the rental period.

Such charge shall cover only that portion of the premises rented (dinning room, entry foyer, restrooms). The Renter and the persons attending the event shall not be permitted to use any other part of the Walker Center or equipment except as noted. The use of the parking lot shall be included in the rental. SRPD will be listed as an ADDITIONALLY INSURED under the renter’s home owners insured for the special event. 

DAMAGE DEPOSIT: An additional charge of $200.00, to be paid with application (separate cash), shall be made to cover any damage or loss that may occur to the premises or its contents, and shall be refundable only if it is determined by the Shafter Recreation & Park District that no damage has been done to the building or loss to its contents during said event. Such deposit may be held for up to four (4) weeks following the date of rental. The Renter may request a tour of the building and a review of its contents prior to the event in order to verify the condition of the building and its contents. Any damage or loss occurring to the building or its contents shall be the responsibility of the Renter. To the extent required, the damage deposit shall be used to repair any damage or pay for any loss. Any damage or loss occurring in excess of the deposit shall be paid to the Shafter Recreation & Park District immediately upon demand. This may include the cost of time spent by any Shafter Recreation employee, or Shafter Recreation contractor (including materials) needed to clean or repair the premises or disperse the group or deal with disturbances. Persons signing this permit agree to make immediate settlement for any such cleaning, loss, breakage, etc. An application must be made by submitting this rental agreement form properly signed with payment in full by cash or check(s). Applications must be filed with payment in full at least fourteen (14) days before the event. Deposit must be paid in cash Checks must be made payable to Shafter Recreation & Park District (SRPD)

POLICE: In the event that the Shafter Recreation & Park District should deem it necessary to have police at the function, it shall be the responsibility of the Renter to engage such police at Renter’s expense.

GAMBLING AND ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: There shall be no gambling or alcoholic beverages permitted on Walker Senior Citizens Center property.

The Renter hereby represents and guarantees that no gambling or alcoholic beverages shall be permitted before, during or after the event. Should gambling or alcoholic beverages be observed, the event will be terminated and any deposits or rental fees shall be forfeited. Renter hereby accepts all responsibility should any arrests be made, or citations be issued for gambling or alcoholic beverages violations.

OCCUPANCY:  The capacity of the premises rented hereunder is limited to a maximum of 78 persons at the Walker Senior Citizen Center.  Exceeding this maximum may result in closure of event.

PARKING: Handicapped parking spaces are available. The Shafter Recreation & Park District assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for damages to any vehicles or contents thereof.

EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: Tables and chairs shall be furnished by the Shafter Recreation & Park District to adequately seat the number of persons stated on this Agreement. The entire kitchen area will be off limits to everyone except Shafter Recreation & Park District employees. No food preparation is allowed at the facility.

LOUD DISTURBANCE: Excessive noise shall not be permitted on Walker Senior Citizens Center property. It is the responsibility of Renter to control such things as music, speakers, boisterous participants, etc. Failure to control may result in closing of event in addition to any criminal charges that may result.

 DECORATIONS: Only table decorations are acceptable. No decorations may be hung on walls or ceilings. All candles must be in glass containers. Helium-filled balloons are only acceptable as a weighted table decoration. Confetti decorations are not permitted.

 COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: The Renter agrees to comply with all laws of the State of California and the United States of America, and the Renter agrees not to use or occupy the premises for unlawful purposes or permit others to use the premises for unlawful purposes, and will conform to and abide by all laws and regulations of any governmental body or agency, and the rules and regulations of the Township regarding said premises or the use thereof.

LIABILITY: The persons executing this Agreement, for and on behalf of the Renter, hereby warrants that he/she is authorized to act in such capacity and has been duly authorized by such organization, and hereby assumes personal liability for the costs of excessive cleanup of the premises, breakage or removal of Walker Senior Citizens Center property by the Renter or any members or guests thereof. In case this permit is issued to a group of persons under 21 years of age a minimum of two persons 21 years of age or older must be present at all times. This Agreement must be signed by a person at least 21 years old who will be present. Shafter Recreation and Park District is not responsible for loss of or damage to, personal property.

DAMAGES: The Rentee, in consideration of this Agreement, and other good and valuable considerations, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby stipulated, does hereby agree to indemnify and hold the Shafter Recreation and Park District,  officers, employees and agents free and harmless of any and all demands, causes of action or any other claims whatsoever for damage to property, or injury or death to persons, arising out of, or connected with, the rental and use of the premises by the Renter and all persons attending the event.

I hereby certify that I have reviewed the above contract provisions, rules and regulations contained in pages 2 and3 and hereby agree to the terms and conditions hereof.