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746 Sports Foundation was established in 2018 to meet the needs of the Shafter community, especially in the areas of sports and recreation. We named it 746 because at one time all phone numbers in this small, rural area began with 746.  The foundation was created to enable sports and recreation participation for all community members by offering scholarships, activity registration assistance, and purchasing sports equipment for athletes in need and the community. 

My name is Phillip Jimenez and I am the President of the 746 Sports Foundation. I grew up in Shafter, which is a rural, farm-labor community. Shafter Recreation & Park District's youth sports provided a healthy outlet and were instrumental in keeping both me and my older brother out of trouble. My parents were farm laborers and struggled to pay for my brother and me to play sports.  They would save what they could and then seek out extra jobs or ask for a payment plan because they believed youth sports were so important for us.  As we grew to love sports, they became a key motivator for positive behaviors and discipline.  Sports taught us to work as a team, to lead by example, and to work hard for our teammates. If it wasn't for sports, I don't know where I would be today.

I was blessed to be among the 7% of athletes to play at the next level. I attended Southern Utah University where I played football. I transferred to Cuesta College, where I played two years of basketball (we were back-to-back conference champions). I received a scholarship to Tabor College, where I finished my career in sports and got my B.A. degree. I came back home where it all started with a goal of giving back to the community where I grew up.

Youth development means a lot to me because I believe we are setting up the next generation of scholars and athletes and that investment in our youth is absolutely critical. With Give Big Kern's help, community members' donations will open doors for young people and their families, giving them opportunities to build skills, learn life lessons and stay out of trouble.  The hope and help they receive will allow them to grow into successful and responsible adults, so the entire community benefits.  I will always be grateful for the people who invested in my life and I thank God for the opportunity that the 746 Sports Foundation offers to give back to my community.